Yoga for Increased Flexibility

If you are anything like us you are wondering why you need to be flexible in the first place. A Harvard study answers this question simply by stating that activities that lengthen and stretch muscles can help you prevent injuries, back pain, and body-balance problems.  It is a given that a well stretched muscle is able to perform its full range of motion.

Yoga is well known for helping one steadily gain flexibility by increasing the flow of blood to the muscles there by strengthening it.  Who should practice yoga? People who are stiff, women who want to combat osteoporosis and athletes who want to gain flexibility for their sport should certainly consider taking up a yoga sculpt class. Make sure to go slow and steady in yoga. A few exercises beginners can practice at home are as follows; warm up before you start.

Downward Facing Dog – Stand with your feet grounded. Now bend and touch your palms to the floor. Ensure to keep your heels touching the ground. Keep your head down and look towards your feet. Hold this pose.

Triangle Pose – Stand in the tree pose with legs apart and knees straight. Extend your arms parallel to the ground. Now bend towards the right side and grab your shin with the right hand. Hold this pose and repeat on both sides for 5 times each.

Half Moon Pose – Stand on the right leg and raise the other leg off the ground. Extend the leg back, following the hip level as much as possible. Now keep the left hand on the floor and extend your right hand towards the sky in a twist. This is a challenging pose to hold so take your time with it.

Repeat on both sides 5 times each.

Garland Pose – Sit in a squat comfortably and bring your arms in front of your knees. Now join your hands together and with your elbows push the knees apart. Hold this potion for 10 breathes.

Two Knee Spinal Twists – Lay flat on the mat with hands extended on both sides. Raise your knee in a table-top position and twist your body towards the left keeping the knees on the floor. Look towards the extended right hand. Repeat on both sides for 5 times.

Flexibility goes hand in hand with fitness and among other benefits it keeps injuries at bay. Holding these poses will certainly improve your flexibility. Just take it slow and feel the burn!