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Guidelines for Submitting Content

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Focus Keyword in the SEO Title

Make sure the focus keyword appears in the SEO post title too.

Focus Keyword used inside SEO Meta Description.

Make sure the focus keyword appears in the SEO description too.

Focus Keyword used in the URL.

Include the focus keyword in the slug (permalink) of this post.

Use Focus Keyword at the beginning of your content.

The first 10% of the content should contain the Focus Keyword preferably at the beginning.

Use Focus Keyword in the content.

It is recommended to make the focus keyword appear in the post content too.

Content should be 1500-2500 words long.

Minimum Recommended Content length should be 1300 words.

Use Focus Keyword in subheading(s) like H2, H3, H4, etc..

It is recommended to add the focus keyword as part of one or more subheadings in the content.

Add an image with your Focus Keyword as alt text.

It is recommended to add the focus keyword in the alt attribute of one or more images.

Keyword Density is 0. Aim for around 1% Keyword Density.

There is no ideal keyword density percentage, but it should not be too high. The most important thing is to keep the copy natural.

Link out to external resources.

It helps visitors read more about a topic and prevents pogosticking.

Add DoFollow links pointing to external resources.

PageRank Sculpting no longer works. Your posts should have a mix of nofollow and DoFollow links.

Internal Linking

Add internal links in your content.

Short Paragraph

Short paragraphs are easier to read and more pleasing to the eye. Long paragraphs scare the visitor, and they might result to SERPs looking for better readable content.

Your content contains images and/or video(s).

Add a few images and/or videos to make your content appealing

If you are agree with the above points then mail (Email: singhaaryan131@gmail.com) me your topic with keywords and website, then i will suggest you topic and how many keywords you have to use in the content written by you. If you want post then you have to follow the given criteria.