What are the Best Summer Exercises?

So, as you know that summer is here with long days and short nights,  it’s obvious that every one of us wants to show off our body especially when we go to the beach, mountains or the lake.

If you are serious about Healthy Weight Loss Per Week for Obese, want to get in shape, and want to show off your biceps. For that, you don’t have to work for hours and focus only on the calories that you have burned, but also must focus on the healthy intake of food as well. 

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Most of us don’t feel comfortable going to the gym when it’s insanely hot in the summer. So there are some exercises which you can do anywhere you want, even at home and they are easy to do exercises in summer. 

Side push-ups 

Side push-ups are the artful way in which you can work on your triceps muscles. As the chemistry of this exercise is that when you are lying down on your side and pushing your body in an upward and then at the downward position with one of your arms, it means your triceps are working a lot, but through this exercise, you can pay attention to your every muscle of your arm. 

How to do side push-ups

  1. Get on the mat, and lie on the side of the mat. Now put together your knees, and your bottom arms should be also stacked together.
  2. Place your hand on your mat, in a position that the bottom of your wrist should be above your elbow, and your fingertips should also be on the top of your shoulders. For achieving support just spread your fingers upon the mat. 
  3. Now with complete control start pushing up your body in the upward direction. Also, press your toes to the ground to make sure they are not popping up. 
  4. When your arm is completely straight start lowering your body down towards the mat. This is considered as your side push-up. 
  5. Make 12 reps and then repeat this exercise for your opposite arm. 

Try to make these summer workout exercises in super comfortable outfits, because I would say that other than style the main thing which required your workout is comfort. So if you want to get stylish yet comfortable gym workout clothes at the cheapest price, must shop them from born tough and enjoy your workout. 


Before starting any exercise make sure you don’t have to fall heavy on your body. I mean don’t add too much earlier. If you want your body to get adaptive to a high-intensity workout, make sure you have given some suitable rest time to your body between your workout sessions. 

Sprinting is divided into three parts actually, mainly the positive shin guard, powerful strides, and punching with hands. The acceleration portion of sprinting is as if you are walking or running upward on the mountains. 

How to do it? 

Pull up your knees in the straight position, run with striking the floor below the hips especially while you are accelerating. Run hard on your feet, try to not make a noise if anyone can hear that you are coming then trust me you are slow. 

Jump squats 

Jump squats are one of the most beneficial exercises in which no equipment is required. You have to utilize your body weight and if you want to make this workout more challenging you can add up a mini loop resistance band upon your thighs. 

How to perform jump squats.?

To do the jump squats perform the below-mentioned steps,

  1. Stand in such a position that your feet are apart from each other
  2. Engage your core, and make a start with the squats. Now jump up energetically. 
  3. While you are landing on the ground, start lowering your body back into the squat’s angel, to complete one rep.
  4. Now, do two to three sets of 10 rep. Make sure to land silently as possible.
  5. Be sure to jump with your foot, not with your toes. Also, try that your shoulders should be the inappropriate desired angle, I mean they should not get tilted beyond your shoulders. Because this may cause an injury in your back.

Inchworm workout

Inchworm is a high-intensity workout, performed to make flexibility and strength in your body. In this exercise, your body weight is utilized actually to make it more beneficial. Mainly it works on your core muscles, arms, chest, and upper back. 

How to do inchworm push-ups?

To perform the inchworm, you have to stand straight on your legs, with your feet together. Bend with the help of your hips and touch your toes, with your hands. Contract your quads, on the front of your thighs, make sure your legs should be straight. Start bending and feel the stretch in your hamstring. 

High plank leg lifts. 

High plank leg is a highly effective isometric exercise that you can do anywhere. isometric exercises involve working on a particular group of muscles. This workout mainly works on your legs, core, shoulders, and your glutes muscles as well. It also tones up your body, your posture and stability get improved. Along with that your fats bodies also get reduced and it helps you to boost your process of metabolism. 

You can burn around two to five calories per minute by performing this exercise. The high plank is considered a difficult exercise to do correctly, so you must have to be careful while practicing it. 

I hope these exercises which I have described in my blog, would be much beneficial for your workout in summer, most of these exercises only require no equipment but your body weight. So, stay hydrated, and must focus on your diet as well. Enjoy the summer and have fun!