The French Way to Lose Weight

French is known to be the way of elites. From the fancy cuisine to the attire, lifestyle, and music. There is nothing that can go bad with a hint of French. When it comes to fashion and beauty, the best possible solution for everything relies upon the French beauty industry. Expensive beauty solutions, anti-aging creams as well as beauty therapies are offered by French beauty therapists.

Expensive beauty solutions including Mesotherapy where you get beauty-enhancing solutions injected into your mesoderm. This therapy is relatively expensive but you get instant results. However, with French weight loss, Mesotherapy is the last resort which is pretty expensive as well. There are so many other ways the French women use for not only looking slim but also suppressing their appetite.

From the French diet to the French way of living, everything revolves around beauty and fashion. Where most people get strict vibes, others know there is more to the story. French is no doubt very severe when it comes to Healthy Weight Loss and beauty therapies however, they support everything with the help of their healthy lifestyle.

French Way to Lose Weight

With the help of this article, we will explore more options within the French lifestyle. We will not only talk about the French healthy way of living and the diet that they adopt but also a few of the unhealthiest tricks that French women use for their diet.

The Changes for French Diet

Dieting is never fun, you will see the change in your body. Your mood will change and your tolerance to bear heavy emotions will decrease as well. To give a different touch to the boring and painful diet, the French have given a good solution. Some of the ways that can help you make your diet more interesting include:

Add Variety

One of the worst practices of dieting is when people keep eating the same boring food every day. Eventually, your body will start rejecting the food and you will get bored as well. To avoid this issue altogether, try to add a variety of food. Even if you look at French cuisine, you will see different suits, vegetables, and cheese that is not only healthy but satisfies hunger well.

Quality and Quality

While eating, keep an eye on the quality of food as well. Most people cut the quantity but they do not focus on quality which only makes them malnourished. While buying food make sure the bread quality, cheese, fruit, and anything that you want to buy is good enough that it doesn’t affect your health.

Quality and Quality

Drink More

Drinking water will help you digest food better. This will also impact your overall health because your body will be hydrated and you will eventually feel the impact in your day-to-day life as well. In case you get bored of simple water, you can get diffused water or juice as well. Some people even like to enjoy wine with their food and this is also a healthy option. However, drinking too much wine is not considered healthy.

Cut the Portion Size

While eating, try to limit your portion size. This means you need to focus on the quantity by distributing the food in small and more frequent potions. Just use the overall food quantity that you might need and divide the food into small portions. After eating each portion, your body will have a phase of high metabolism and this will impact digestion as well.

Cut the Portion Size

Give Your Body Enough Time

While eating, most people do not chew their food well. This as a result impacts their digestive health. To make sure you can stop binge eating, chew your food at least 30 times. This will help you not only digest better but also impact the food craving.

Add a Feel Good Day

Restricting the food is important but sometimes you also want to enjoy something that you like. That’s where a cheat day will come in. Even while living your daily life, you must keep your happiness first, this will help you improve your health and you will not crave food badly. Overall, a feel-good day is all about some good time with family and some tasty food to go along.

Add a Feel Good Day

Some of the most dangerous French practices 

The French way of living is not at all a bed of roses. There are a few people who will go to extreme lengths just to lose weight and not all the methods are approved by health professionals. Some of the worst French practices for losing weight include:


We have seen French women who quit eating together. This is a very familiar practice and most women go through this issue. When the environment is very competitive things get quite toxic. There are hospitals and therapy sessions that can help you get over these issues altogether. Since these practices are not considered healthy, health professionals discourage these ideas.


Wine drinking is known to be a sophistication however, some people drink too much and fill their stomachs only with wine. This way, their brain registers that they have had enough food and eventually they don’t need to eat anything solid.



Smoking is known to be one of the worst ways to suppress appetite. Most French women rely on smoking heavily and this helps them reduce their appetite. French cinema and TV industry have advertised smoking as a way of appetite suppression for the longest and health professionals are now trying to cut it down.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, the French way of living is healthy enough that you don’t need any extra work. Some of the basic French etiquettes will help you stay fit even if you end up eating too much or not working out at all. Most people who move to French get the sense of French etiquettes and this eventually helps them in adopting a healthy lifestyle as well. With the help of above-mentioned diet and lifestyle changes, you will be able to look healthy and enjoy life more. It will also be good for your mood because you are not depriving your body of carbs. With the best flavors and best combination of food, you will fall in love with French cuisine.