The Best Foods to Increase Your Energy Levels

How to Boost Your Energy with 5 Foods?

We’ve all felt that mid-afternoon drop. Your eyes get cloudy, it takes force to get yourself out of your monitor, and you’re just not believing motivated! Your first inclination might be to get a cup of coffee or a sweet snack to give you a fast boost – and this attraction is completely normal. But while you may get a fast energy boost, that feeling dissolves quickly and can provide you exhausted and desiring more sweets.

While it’s right that your body turns food into energy, different foods are converted to energy at varying rates. You can have some foods — such as candy and other pure sugars — that will provide quick support. Others — such as whole grains and healthy unsaturated fats — provide you more sustained strength to draw on during the day.

Frosty mornings melt into a snippet of summer temperatures, often followed by winter winds and rain. The ever changing weather can have a huge effect on your energy levels and that’s why it is important that you are eating foods that boost your energy. The very best way to ensure that we are getting enough energy from food is to include Carbohydrates with each meal.

However not all Carbs are created equally, and some carbs are more likely to zap our energy and leave us feeling lethargic. We want to include Complex Carbs and reduce Simple Carbs. So before I get to the good news and share 5 Foods to Boost Your Energy, let’s have a quick look at

5 Foods That Zap Energy

Simple Carbs: Including White Bread, Pasta and Rice. These foods are high glycemic carbs. They don’t have a lot of fiber; therefore they break down quickly, so they give us a quick burst of energy, rather than a steady stream.

Simple Sugar

Sugar found in sweets, candy, cakes, cookies and pastry can cause a midday slump. Sugary foods give us a sugar rush, followed by a sugar crash, which can leave us feeling completely exhausted.

Coffee: Drinking Caffeine in large quantities, or during late afternoon and evening, will initially give us a lovely burst of energy. Once that burst of energy fades we are left feeling drained of energy. Too much coffee, especially in the evening can have a negative impact on our sleep pattern. A poor night’s sleep leaves us feeling lethargic and lacking energy from the moment we step out of bed. Aim to limit your intake to 2/4 coffees per day and to consume them during the earlier part of the day.

Energy Drinks, Sodas and Diet Sodas

Energy Drinks and Sodas contain large quantities of caffeine and sugar. Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners, which are even worse for our health and energy. The chemicals in artificial sweeteners have hundreds of negative effects on our well-being. All of these drinks give us a fake high which is quickly followed by a very real low.

Skipping Meals: Skipping meals is a sure way to reduce energy levels. Food is energy. Tadalista 60 is new version of tadalafil for ED problem. When we skip a meal, on top of feeling hungry we will also feel tired, lacking concentration and it alters our mood.

Complex Carbs

An easy way to determine between Simple and Complex Carbs is to add the word Whole. Whole Wheat, Whole Meal, Whole Grain, Whole Vegetable, Whole Fruit. Our body absorbs whole grains slowly, keeping our blood sugar and energy levels stable. What better way to start your day than a bowl of whole porridge oats. Add berries, banana, grated pear, nuts or seeds. Make it with fat free milk, or stir in 0% fat Greek yogurt to include lean protein.


High in iron and protein, eggs give us sustainable energy throughout the day. Vitamin B is also found in eggs and is required for brain function and energy production.

Spinach: Eaten raw or wilted, spinach is a key compound of energy production and it’s full of iron which helps to maintain muscle mass. If you want more energy for making love then try Fildena or vidalista 40. Healthy muscle mass leads to an efficiently running body, which leaves us feeling more energetic.


With their combination of high levels of natural sugar and fiber are a fantastic source of energy. We metabolize bananas within half an hour of eating therefore they are an ideal choice to eat before we work out.

Almonds: are the most nutrient dense of all nuts, bursting with protein and essential minerals which are key for maintaining high energy levels. Almonds are an ideal snack food to keep hunger at bay. Eat them in their most natural form, or dry roast them and sprinkled with chili flakes for a heat kick.

Food and Habits

Food is not the only element that plays a role in our energy levels. Habits also have a vital role to play. Look out for Part Two 5 Habits to Boost Your Energy Levels. If you found this blog helpful please feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter or any social media that you use. Please leave your questions and comments and I will be very happy to answer.