Spinal Fusion Surgery

You can say it as a tumour of abnormal cells and does not go on to perform any physiological function. It means that they do not have any major function to play in the body but goes on to rob the body of essential nutrients. The spinal tumour that tends to emerge in the spinal cord could be cancer prone and non-cancerous as well.

One of the common issues that spring up with the spine happens to the pain in the back. You need to take into account that most of the pain does occur due to age or stress and it has no relation to the back. The tumours that tend to emerge in and around the spine are known by the name of spinal tumours. If it is cancer or not it can go on to threaten life and at the same time cause permanent disability as well.

If you go on to explore some of the symptoms and sigs of spine fusion surgery the following list stands out

  • If you face a lot of difficulty in case of walking
  • If the back pain does become severe
  • You notice a weakness in the legs and particuly in the down part of your body
  • Decrease in the sensitivity levels to cold or hot items
  • Loss of bladder or bowel function
  • Any type of paralysis which can take place in your body

When is the need for a spinal fusion surgery felt?

When you come across the fact that all other traditional methods of removing the tumour have failed. The pain also does not reduce at the same point. Here you would have to get a spinal fusion surgery done in order to overcome the problem. If the tumour would have spread over to the spine, then the only choice would have been radiation. But it has been observed that when you combine surgery with radiation therapy you do prevent the loss of nerve functioning. These are people who cannot go on to bear the impact of a surgery. Sometimes the chances are that a tumour could have gone on to spread from an unknown location as well. what a spinal fusions surgery goes on to do is to remove the tumour as soon as possible. It is done without having an impact on the location of the spine.

The spine surgeons with the aid of high tech instruments go on to remove the tumour , some time surgery require for the treatment. In the spine surgery various type for spine implants require. This is done with a sufficient margin so that the removal of the healthy tissue is minimized to a considerable extent of sorts. Sometimes it does happen that the surgeon is not able to remove the tumour and then a modern and surgical method would be the need of the hour.

Do opt for the best hospitals for spine surgery in India, the reason being it works out to be a critical form of surgery. Some of the best surgeons are found who have a higher rate of success. The complications are less as well.