Orthopedic Injuries Seen While Playing Ice Hockey

Playing sports regularly is a good thing for a healthy life. We are not talking about professional players here, it is about other people. We can play our favorite sport at weekends and this maintains good physical strength and shape as well.

Now, when we talk specifically about athletes, then their level of physical activity is the reason why they are so fit. But one must know that playing sports is accompanied by injuries as well and you must have also seen so many players getting injured while playing their sport. In this article, we will see some common orthopedic injuries that may occur in ice hockey players. Sometimes, the injury is so serious that the use of an Orthopedic Implant is required during surgery.

Common Orthopedic Injuries Seen in Ice Hockey Players

If not played with proper precaution, ice hockey could be a dangerous sport. There are several associated factors that decide the severity and location of the orthopedic injury that occurs while playing hockey on ice. For example, if players don’t wear protective clothing then they are prone to getting more serious orthopedic injuries. Let us have a look at some of the injuries ice hockey players face or are more prone to:

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries in ice hockey players could occur due to direct impact/hit on the shoulder and the chances of such injuries are high. If the collision between the players is of high impact, it may even lead to fracture or dislocation of the shoulder joint. Not only among players, but the shoulder could also get hit with the boards or on the ice.

Elbow Injuries

Another common injury that could occur in ice hockey players is in their elbows, and the most common location is the tip of the elbow (olecranon). Injury to the olecranon could occur when the player falls on the ice or even when he hit the board too hard. If the injury is serious or a fracture is seen, immediate treatment may be required. Symptoms seen in the cases of elbow injuries may include swelling, intense pain, and the development of bursitis.

Injuries to the Back

The posture of skating while playing ice hockey makes players more prone to developing lower back injuries. This position of players results in pulling of muscles and they may also experience back pain. In the case of a serious condition, surgery may also be required.   

Injuries to Hips

Hip flexor strain or groin injuries could also be seen in ice hockey players. The reason why such an injury is common is due to the movement of hips while skating. Bursitis could also occur if the hip of the players hit directly to the board, a player, or due to fall.

Knee Injury

In ice hockey players, one of the four major ligaments MCL (medial collateral ligament) is highly susceptible to getting a sprain and this is because of the position of the leg when players move through their skates.

Orthopedic injuries could be serious and they could even become worse if ignored. In ice hockey sport, the chances of developing orthopedic injuries are high, but they can be prevented by taking proper precautions. Surgery is only required in the case of severe conditions and it may require the use of trauma implants.

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