Maintain Your Skin for Botox Post Care Treatment

MD: To deal with vast skin issues, many people resort to cosmetic beauty treatments. If you try botox treatment, you must follow botox post care instructions to get good results.

But the problem with this is that merely getting these treatments will not improve your skin’s quality. It is a difficult task to maintain the skin for botox post care treatment. After getting the treatment, you need to perform the look all by yourself. 

Everyone dreams of younger-looking glowing skin and that too in less time. But no one wants to do the same. These days, major skin problems of people include fine lines, wrinkles, excessive sweating, and migraine. But as far as a remedy is concerned, there is no more effective treatment than the botox treatment. 

With the right physician performing the botox upon you, you can expect to get the best results out of it. But merely relying on the physician’s expertise for sound results is not at all desirable. If you wish to achieve the best, you need to go through the aftercare tips laid down by the physician to maintain your skin afterward. Let us take a quick tour of the botox post care

Botox post care instructions 

Usually, after having the botox done, your skin turns sensitive. Not only this, but it also results in the weakening of muscles and assists both men and women in attaining their youthful skin again. Only having the botox by an experienced physician will not take you anywhere. You also need to abide by the botox post care instructions to accomplish your skin goals. 

Protect your skin from heat

As your skin turns sensitive after having the botox session, you need to be extra careful concerning your skin. The basic thing you need to do is to protect your skin from sun exposure. Because if you step outside, you run the risk of developing redness, swelling, bruises, and whatnot. The best thing you can do in such a case is to wear sunscreen before going out. Else, you can also wear a hat to protect your skin. 

It is said because exposing your skin to the sun can lead to more wrinkles and damaged skin. To be on the safe side, you can use a spray-on tan method or makeup to add color to your face. 

Perform light exercises 

After having the botox session, the physician does not prescribe you to indulge in a hard workout session as this may tire you and cause you unnecessary fatigue. Moreover, it also increases your heart rate and blood flow. But you can perform light facial exercises such as smiling, frowning, grinning, and others. By this, we mean to perform such exercises that do not lead to fatigue. 

Exercising for 1-2 hours after the treatment can help botox reach those target areas and give you the desired results. But the specific movements such as frowning, raising your eyebrows, or grimacing can help the botox injections to hold and settle into the body. 

Avoid touching frequently 

Some people keep on touching the injection sites repeatedly and make the efforts go to waste. We understand that it is difficult to control the urge of the same but not impossible. If you long to get the best results, then avoid touching the treated area again and again. It may lead to irritated skin near the treated area. Moreover, it may also disperse off the injection to other unintended areas, which may not give you proper results. Consequently, avoid touching the area frequently. 

Follow skincare regime 

Your skincare regime also comes under the botox post care instructions. If you want to maintain the long-lasting results of the botox treatment, then abiding by an adequate skincare regime is the way to go. Your skin care regime should include gently washing your face and applying lotions for the first few days following the botox treatment. 

Ensure to use a good moisturizer and cleanser to get the desired results. But if you are thinking of availing of other skincare treatments such as facials or microdermabrasion, then you need to halt your plans for a bit. Unless botox completely absorbs into your skin, you should not think about other treatments. 

Avoid smoking 

The next thing about which you need to be watchful of is smoking. Despite being an unhealthy habit, people love to smoke and are carefree about it. But smoking also causes premature aging and damages skin cells. Your results will become much better if you avoid smoking. 

Leave the treated area alone. 

As such, botox does not lay any limitation upon you. Still, it will be best if you rest for some time and leave the treated area alone. Leaving the treated area alone will give the botox time to settle into your body and strive to give you the best results. As a result, leave the treated area alone and do not disturb it. 

No make up 

For some days following the treatment, one should not apply makeup on one’s face. For at least a day, you should go makeup-free and avoid using any products on your face. It is because applying the makeup will rub the skin and disperse off the toxin. 

Know about medications 

Some people complain of going through some pain after the botox session. It might be accurate in some cases, but it does not happen with everyone else. But in case you are having pain, it is better to consult your provider first and ask him about the medications. It is crucial to ask him because some medications may cause you unnecessary harm. One should only have those medications that are safe to have and help you get the best results from treatment. 

Don’t sleep in the treated area. 

Usually, there is no problem with your sleep pattern, and you may sleep as you like. But if you availed of botox recently, you need to be careful not to sleep on the treated area side, and it will not exert much pressure on the treated area and give the botox time to settle into the muscles. Moreover, within 4 hours of the procedure, you should avoid sleeping. 

No alcohol 

In addition to the above-mentioned post-care instructions, you should also avoid having alcohol. No matter how sound your condition is, the physician will ask you to avoid alcohol for the first 24 hours following the treatment. But hardly are people aware that alcohol increases the risk of bruising, redness, and swelling. 

Even after the procedure, this holds. Before consuming alcohol, you have to wait for 24 hours to consume alcohol. 

Use collagen

The main cause of people developing fine lines and wrinkles is a lack of collagen. For this, you can have Botox treatment on the one hand, but on the other hand, you can also work towards boosting your collagen and elastin production in your skin. For instance, you can have collagen-infused ingredients for yourself and improve your skin quality. 

Use antioxidant serums 

For protecting your skin, it is best to layer your skin with antioxidant serums every day. These serums will likely protect you from UV rays and pollution, which seems to destroy your skin. Consequently, have the antioxidant serums with yourself and include them in your skincare regime. 

Skin issues are dealt with by botox. 

Many people wonder about the skin issues dealt with by the botox treatments. If you are also unsure about it, then we have got the answers for you. 

Fine lines and wrinkles 

If you have heard of botox as the popular treatment, it might be due to the fine lines and wrinkles only as botox specializes in this. With the advent of botox injections, you can expect to get relief from fine lines and wrinkles on the face and around the forehead. No one likes the appearance of ugly fine lines and wrinkles, making them look more than their age. Consequently, if you are looking for effective treatment, botox is the one for you. 

Excessive sweating 

Secondly, apart from fine lines and wrinkles, botox also provides relief from excessive sweating to people. There is a buzz concerning the excessive sweating around the underarms, hands, feet, and many more areas whenever there is summer season. Usually, there is nothing inappropriate with this, but it can make you embarrassed in public for sure. So one should not overlook excessive sweating and get their hands on botox treatment to get rid of excessive sweating. 

Chronic migraine 

You might have heard people complaining of pain resulting from chronic migraines. The pain from a migraine is the worst, and some people find it difficult to bear it. But nothing to worry about now as now you have botox treatment at your disposal which can help you relieve chronic migraine in some time only. 


Now that you have known these botox post care tips laid down by the physician, it will become easy for you to maintain your skin afterward and accomplish your skin goals within some time only.