Why Liver Transplant is Done

The human body is a very complex system in which different organs are arranged in such a way that they provide the body with various abilities. Our lungs, nostrils, and trachea work together to breath and supply oxygen to the blood.

Similarly, our nervous system is directly connected to our brain to relay messages to and fro to the different parts of the body. The liver is also an equally important part of our body which helps in processing different foods and toxins that accumulate in our body hence the liver is a vital organ if it malfunctions the body can experience fatal ramification. Best liver transplant specialist in India can help in this regards.

Malfunctioning of liver

There are various reasons why our liver starts malfunctioning like cirrhosis, physical damages and sometimes due to wrong medication. Liver cancer is a very lethal type of disease that starts eating away the cellular function in the body. We know that when liver become sick our body starts accumulating toxins and if the liver is unable to process cholesterol which leads to increase the cholesterol level in the body damaging heart and circulatory system. For some of the diseases we ourselves are responsible for the sickness of our liver and can avoid them like smoking, consumption of alcohol and more fried heavy and junk foods.

How to keep the liver healthy

The best we can do to keep our liver healthy is prevention like eating balanced food, avoiding food rich in cholesterol and drinking plenty of water to keep the digestion system healthy and avoid alcohol and smoking to prevent cirrhosis. Obesity is another factor which leads to liver sickness better to have the check upon obesity than going for costly treatment of diseased liver.  However, if our liver becomes sick it leads to various complications and at times can be fatal, Depending upon the severity of the disease there are various methods or treatment we can follow to treat our liver.

The liver disease sometimes can be treated with medication but it all depends upon the condition of the illness in certain cases the diseased portion of the liver can also be removed through surgery. Best liver transplant specialist in India can help you to know about the disease in detail. However, this kind of treatment always carries the risk of infection and other complications. Instead of removing the decayed portion of the liver it is always recommended to go for liver transplant even though in certain cases this surgery in which diseased liver is removed and the liver from the donor is inserted. The patient who receives the liver needs to change his or her lifestyle dramatically in order to make sure that his earlier habits won’t damage the new liver. The patient after liver transplant needs to be on anti-rejection drugs probably for life which can make their immune system weak and lead to various other complications.

Liver transplant is the last option when the disease of the liver is not curable with the drugs and other therapies. There are no other means than replacing the diseased liver with the new one through surgery of liver transplant. In this healthy liver of other person is placed in after removing the sick liver. In the recent research, fish oil therapy is proved to be very useful to control the inflammation of the liver.