How to Prepare Yourself for Scalp Micropigmentation Session?

Thinking of getting scalp micro pigmentation in Houston? Then, this article is for you. In order to enhance the result of the treatment, you must follow and consider some things before the treatment. The list includes,

Consider Your Age

Age is considered one of the most important factors in scalp micro-pigmentation treatment. If you are around 25-30 years, and your hairline has started to recede, keep in mind that your hair will continue to fall, so be ready to attend several treatment sessions over the year. Though the treatment is permanent, if your natural hair keeps on falling, you’ll need to get multiple pigmentation treatments.

Current Medication

Keep in mind that several medications become a hurdle in showing the full results of the treatment. So, consult with the experts at a medical spa in Houston to determine if any of your current medications contradict the result of the treatment. If you want to see the full results, this is a primary step.

Furthermore, you’ll also need to consult an expert if you have any serious medical or skin conditions. On the issues like dry skin, cysts, or pimple outbreaks, the treatment will not be performed, as it can damage the skin further in this case. This is the reason you must consult with your doctor or an expert before deciding to proceed with the treatment.

Select the Hairline

One of the best things, when you start looking for scalp micro pigmentation near me, is that you get to choose the hairline. If you are young, you can choose either a crisp-edge look or a barber-shop look. There are also several options available if you are older including, feathered or a rounded-hairline. If you are confused about which one to choose, the experts at the beauty bars like Anytime Pretty Time can help you decide before the treatment.

Another decision you need to make is about the length of the hair. If you want complete reconstructions, it can only happen with shorter hair. Whereas, the density fills are made for those who need to keep the hair long.

Select the Artist with Proper Consideration

It is no doubt the most important step in getting scalp micro-pigmentation treatment. When you are deciding on the artist, make sure to see their portfolio. It will help you to find out if they have worked on someone with similar features as yours and whether or not you like their work. If it is possible, you can even ask one of their patients about the process they follow. One of the essential things that you should never ignore for an artist is their license in the respective field.


It can take a lot of time to complete the scalp micro pigmentation in Houston. It usually takes 3-4 sessions to finish the process with almost seven days gap between each session. So, make sure you are ready to make this kind of commitment.

These are some of the tips to be prepared for getting micro-pigmentation. Consider these to make sure you are ready to get the treatment and enjoy its full benefits.