How to Prepare Your Home and Lifestyle for Breast Augmentation

Will you undergo a breast augmentation procedure this coming year?  You must be ecstatic about the upcoming changes to your body!

Before you are able to show off your new physique, you’ll need to first heal. The best part is that it’s usually a quick and painless procedure. However, you will experience quite a bit of discomfort and move slowly for several days. So it is critical that you take proper care of your body.

Although the short-term interruption on tasks you ordinarily perform will be inconvenient, it’s critical to follow the recommendations of your cosmetic surgeon throughout the process. This will help prevent complications and guarantee that your incision site heal wonderfully. Fortunately, there are basic things that can be done to prepare for breast augmentation and prepare your home, relatives, and even your wardrobe for a soothing and restful recovery.

Gather Your Recovery Team

Every patient requires at least one trustworthy person to assist on the day of the surgical procedure and for the next 24 hours. The person will have the responsibility of driving you to and from the health facility, assisting you in getting in and out of your vehicle, and keeping a watchful eye on you, for the first day or two, as the effects of sedation subside. Frequently, this is a close relative, but you can also enlist the help of a close friend. You can also opt to recruit a nurse, if no one lives with you, and you would like your procedure to be fully anonymous.

If you happen to have children, you should plan for around-the-clock childcare for a couple of days.  You will require additional assistance for a few weeks afterwards. This is because you will be unable to lift objects or kids heavier than ten pounds. By not lifting heavy objects, it will prevent stretching of the surgical site. Make it a point to explain to your younger children that they will be cared for by someone else during the recovery process. However, reassure them that you will be able to give them gentle hugs. Assign responsibilities to a trusted adult, including bathing and feeding. They will also need to get the kids ready for school and bed. Make certain that it is someone your children are very familiar with.

Don’t overlook your four-legged companions. You will be able to snuggle with your pet and allow them to rest in your lap.  However, to prevent the incision site from becoming infected, avoid walking the dog. This will minimize the possibility of the dog tugging on the leash and causing harm to the incision. Also, do not scoop the litter box. Taking care of the pet(s) is an excellent way for your children to contribute and feel included in your breast augmentation healing process.

Make a Relaxing Space for Breast Augmentation Recovery

You’ll need a comfortable sleeping area in your home that:

-Is simple for you to enter and exit without stretching or using your arms excessively

-Doesn’t lead to you turning onto your breast implants

-Prevents you from being able to move

For a few weeks following breast augmentation surgery, resting on your back will be required. Your shoulders and head will need to be elevated, but only minimally. This prevents your breast implants from being crushed or stretching of the surgical site, as well as relieving pressure from swelling.

Your relaxing space can function as a bed, with pillows positioned to support your neck, arms, shoulder, back, and head, or as a reclining chair with an elevating and lowering collaborative bar.  Before surgery, make sure your table is free of clutter. You’ll need enough room for books, drinks, and other items.

It’s recommended that the room is set at a pleasant temperature and that it is easy to turn the lights on and off. This prevents you from tripping and falling in the middle of the night, if you happen to awaken.

Prepare Meals Beforehand

Consuming healthy food, such as fruits, lean proteins, vegetables, and whole grains, will assist you in recovering quickly.  Although purchasing healthy takeout food is okay, it can be expensive if you make it a habit. However, because driving will be strictly prohibited while on painkillers, it may be the best option. Another option is to prepare healthy meals that can be easily reheated, or have a relative to prepare healthy meals for you. To save time, grocery shop prior to the procedure.

Invest in Front-Closing Garments

Make it easier on your body, by purchasing a few items that you can easily put on and take off, without a hassle. This can include pajamas, wrap dresses, and tops with buttons. For several weeks, you’ll need a delicate, padded bra. However, consult with your cosmetic surgeon, so they can advise you on the correct bra size and features.

What Procedure Can Fix My Saggy Breasts?

Breast lift surgery is an option, if you are happy with your breast size, but would like to restore their perkiness. This procedure can rejuvenate the breasts, making them look younger and more attractive. Talk with your cosmetic surgeon to learn more about this procedure.