Hand Grip Strengthening Exercises

When it narrows to strength training, developing an iron hand grip is neglected mostly. In most cases, people don’t train it all. They just don’t realize its significance. Grip training offers way more than providing you a strong handshake, and forearms that make lifting heavy objects easier. Handgrip training goes way beyond that. It majorly impacts different areas of your life. Especially in combat sports. Underneath your boxing gloves, it’s your hands that do all the work. 

Poor grip strength can play as a huge limiting factor for effectively performing workouts like deadlifts,  lunges, pull-ups, rows, bench, etc. 

Importance of grip strength

If your main goal is getting stronger, then it’s not a complicated science. It’s highly unlikely that you will own strong hands without a strong body, however, there can be strong bodies without weaker hands. Many boxing workouts improve your health and fitness while strengthening your hands. Doing handgrip exercises aid in reducing pain syndromes, that is mainly caused by the negligence of certain muscles or overtraining them. 

Benefits of grip strength

  • Makes a strong impression: Squeezing the heck out of somebody’s hand isn’t the point, but giving them a firm handshake shows confidence, it lets the other person know that you must be taken seriously.
  • Opening the jars: We all struggle with opening tight jars, but there’s this one person everybody turns to when it comes to this. Having a stronger grip will also make people turn to you for opening stuck jars. 
  • Playing Sports: The fitter you are, the better you will enjoy the game you are playing. Many popular sports & activities such as softball, bowling, golf, tennis & rock climbing, need you to have a strong grip for being successful.
  • Parenting. Carrying your fussy toddler to shake your daughter’s suitor, a strong grip involves letting your kids know that you are in charge. 
  • Boost your strength for lifting: There is a strong relationship between your grip strength & shoulder strength. Staring grips enables you to carry more weight. The more effectively you will be able to perform weight lifting workouts. It is a pretty common sight that people use wraps or additional wrist supports in gyms while lifting weights. Classical strength-training practitioners believe that if you are unable to hold the weights do not try lifting them. Wraps give the false security sense.

There are simple workouts that help in boosting your hand’s grip, we have listed the most effective ones below. 

Finger Stretch

This stretch will not only improve your hand’s grip but will help in relieving pain while improving the range of motion of your hands. Start this exercise by placing the hand palm-down on the flat surface. Then start straightening your fingers gently, in a flat manner against a flat surface, make sure you do not force the joints. Then try holding this position for a minute or half and repeat. Do this exercise at least 4 times with each hand. 

Claw Stretch

Besides improving hand grip claw stretch will help in improving your finger’s range of motion. Start this activity by holding the hand out at your front with its palm facing towards you. After that, bend the fingertips for touching the base of your finger joint. While you do this your hand will look like a claw. Make sure you hold this position for up to 30-60 seconds & release it. Do this exercise at least 4 times with each hand. 

Grip Strengthener

This exercise will be very helpful for boosting your hand’s strength for performing everyday tasks. Such as opening door knobs & holding heavier things. Start this exercise by holding some softball in the palm & squeezing it as hard as possible. Try holding the ball for a minute or a half before releasing it. Repeat this activity 10-15 times on your hand. Try doing it, minimum 3 times a week. Take a rest of 48 between your next sessions. If your thumb hurts or is already damaged, do not do it. 

Finger Lift

This exercise is widely practiced for increasing your hand’s range of motion & for making your fingers flexible. Start this activity by placing the hand flat, with your palm down on a hard and flat surface. Then start lifting your one finger gently at a time from the table and then lower it. Lift all of your fingers one by one and also your thumb. Repeat this activity 8 times at least in each of your hands. 

Thumb Extension

This exercise is very effective for Strengthening your thumb. It enables you to lift heavy objects with ease. Start this workout by placing your hand on a flat or hard surface. Then wrap your hand in a rubber band at your finger joint’s base. After that start moving the thumb away gently stretch it as far as you can. Hold the top of the stretch for a minute or half & release. Repeat this exercise 10 -15 times. Try doing it, minimum 3 times a week. Take a rest of 48 between your next sessions. If your thumb hurts or is already damaged, do not do it. 

Putty Grip & Squeeze Exercise

Putty versus is a squeezy ball that you can squeeze by your palm. 

A ball that blocks your movement while strengthening your hand and grip with the limited motion range. As you manipulate a putty ball in the hand it works on the dexterity & coordination of your fingers & thumb. Start this activity by holding the ball in your hand & keep on doing it till the fingertips reach the palm, once you get there release & squeeze again. 

Isometric Hooks Exercises

This grip strengthening exercise doesn’t require you to have an additional piece of equipment but your other hand. The isometric workout is while you contract the muscle without actually moving it. For doing this exercise, place the fingers in your hook fist, and clasp your fingers together closer to your chest. One of your hands will face the palm up & the other down. Once the fingers get clasped together, utilize the arms for pulling in an out position while making the hook fists. Hold your position for five seconds and release. Repeat the exercise a few times and then bring the other hand on the top. This exercise will not only strengthen your hands but will engage your whole upper body.