Choosing Between Cannabis Buds, Edibles and Vaporizers for CBD Consumption

Since the health benefits of CBD have become viral, people are going crazy about it’s dry herb strains, vaporizers and different types of edibles. Just like any typical Cannabis shop, there are CBD dispensaries supplying medicinal products only. Cannabidiol and other phytocannabinoids consumption in limited quantities is not going to get you high on weed. Companies harvest hybrid Cannabis plants dominated by CBD elements. These are actually hemp plants bioengineered to produce maximum possible CBD and remain low at tetrahydrocannabinol percentage. Initially, only processed products like vaporizer juices and edibles were in a trend. However now CBD busd are also available in the market for direct smoking. If you visit a medical marijuana Store, all of these variants will be available. However using the most suitable option is a challenging thing. If you are getting confused after checking the CBD options available in a website or from local shops, we can help. Scroll down to know about which product would be the most suitable option. 

CBD for Regular Smokers 

If you are a frequent smoker, there will be no issue in consuming CBD with a rolling joint. Many companies are providing CBD buds for sale that comprises full spectrum CBD features. It means, some traces of tetrahydrocannabinol elements will also exist in your CBD stuff. The composition of various phytocannabinoids and terpenes makes it the best option for full spectrum CBD users. Just like any typical marijuana strain, you just need to crush the weed, fill it in a rolling joint and inhale. Smoke shows instant results by stimulating your immunity and neurological system. Not even a single trace of artificial ingredients is added. However there is a drawback of consuming Cannabis in rolling papers because it releases several kinds of toxins that are injurious to health. If you are a non-smoker, there are some better alternatives with less toxins available in the market. 

CBD for Non-Smokers 

For non smokers category, we have two major options to choose from i.e.

  1. Vaporizers 
  2. Edibles

Vaporizer is the sexiest and latest innovation in the Cannabis market. These electronic devices can be utilised for both intoxication and medicinal purposes. CBD dominating liquid concentrate is used in vaporizers. While consuming, it produces no trace of smoke which is good for our health. Also, less than half of the toxins are produced as compared to smoke while using a vaporizer. It makes a vaping juice safer than CBD hemp buds. However, chemical compositions like propylene glycol and glycerine are not good for our health during prolonged use. Also, fancy vapour clouds gradually developed the habit of regular smoking among many people. 

If you cannot afford expensive vaporizers or don’t want to consume CBD with other vaporizing chemicals, it is advisable to go with the option of edibles. CBD concentrates in specific quantities and are infused in edibles like cookies and gummy bears. Our body will get the same benefits from edibles but their metabolism action speed is slow. Where vapour juices and smoke reacts instantly, edibles will take around 30 minutes to show their results. 


Hemp buds are recommended for frequent smokers because they don’t contain any artificial additives. You will get maximum possible benefits of CBD while consuming it through a dry herb strain. For non smokers, edibles are better options than vaporizers. They are safe to consume without requiring any peripheral device. Although the results will take time to appear, still you can go with this option. 

Don’t forget to get a recommendation from an expert of CBD before consuming it. Also, confirm in priority whether you need a broad-spectrum of full-spectrum CBD products.