Can Laser Therapy Be Considered As A Form Of Physiotherapy?

In the past, only physical exercises were considered to be part of physiotherapy. But today at Pain Clinic In Edmonton many other kinds of treatments including laser therapy are added as a part of the treatment.

Know Vital Information About Laser Therapy

To fully comprehend what laser therapy is; you have to know the starting of this technology. Through the ages, the use of laser therapy has changed. Initially, it was used to cut hard materials like metals. But later its medical use was discovered.

What The Word Laser Stands For?

The word laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The light is amplified through a device by using electromagnetic radiation that is stimulated emission.

What Is The Range Of Spectrum?

Three types of wavelengths are used in laser technology. This ranges from a single wavelength, light that travels in a straight line to a light wave that concentrates to a specific location.

Albert Einstein Laid Foundation

It was in 1917 that Albert Einstein discovered the stimulated emission phenomenon. This is the basis of all kinds of lasers and later it was developed to be used for therapies in physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton.

In The 1960s It Was Used For Treatment

It was later in the 1960s that a Hungarian physician by the name of Ender Master; who first successfully used the technology of a laser to heal wounds for a variety of medical conditions.

For What Issues It Is Used To Treat At Pain Clinic In Edmonton?

Laser technology is used to heal many kinds of medical conditions but today at many physiotherapy clinics like Regenerate Shockwave Therapy; laser therapy is used to heal issues like Osteoarthritis, Shoulder or hip bursitis, TMD, Tendonitis, Shoulder impingement syndromes, Low-back disc generation, Sciatica, Tennis elbow, Disc herniation, Plantar fasciitis, and Reduction in the volume of lymphedema.

Aliments It Can’t Treat

Some health issues can’t be healed by laser therapy. The ailments that laser therapy doesn’t treat include cancer, labor pain at the time of delivery, and various types of infections.

What Positive Effects It Has On The Body?

Laser therapy is considered one of the best types of treatment that helps in the healing process in the following positive ways.

  1. The blood vessels in the body are activated through laser therapy that makes the flow better. It is best because the increased blood means respiration will become better.
  2. The laser waves release the tension on the nerves that helps to ease the tension in the muscles. This will result in a decrease in the pain of the specific area of the body.
  3. As the laser light penetrates deep into the nerves; it improves the working capacity of the nerves. Nerves play an important role in the healing process and reduction of pain.

Why It Is Considered The Best Form Of Physiotherapy?

Pain Clinic In Edmonton has the following three reasons for considered laser theory as a form of physiotherapy;

  1. It is clinically proved to be effective.
  2. It is one of the safest types of physiotherapy.
  3. Results are achieved quickly within weeks.

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