Find out The Best Doctors and Surgeons for Treatment of Knee Problems

Experiencing pain anywhere in the body is the sign from the body itself to know something is wrong. Many people of all ages face knee problems. It has become one of the general problems that occur for several reasons. Normally, a young person can experience knee pain after an injury or accident. On the other hand, knee pain can be experienced by an adult person for arthritis or wear and tear in the knee joint.

To get relief from knee pain, one must consult an orthopaedist. Only a specialist can cure the pain by his treatment. Thus, it is always advisable to see the best knee surgeon in east mumbai. The focus of this article is to tell people about the knee pain causes and signs and how a doctor cures the knee pain.

General causes of knee pain 

There are various causes that cause knee pain. The age of a person, his weight, and the level of activity are the factors causing knee pain. The reasons are written below.

  • Different types of arthritis-like, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, and psoriatic arthritis,
  • Bursitis can trigger pain in knee joints. The lubricating sacs which are located near knee joints can cause inflammation, and it is called Bursitis,
  • Come across any injury and fracture,
  • Ligament and tissues wear and tear,
  • Knee bone’s infection,
  • Body overweight can also cause wear and tear, which produce knee pain,
  • Knee dislocation,
  • Injuries due to overuse of knee joints, such as playing sports, running, and practicing heavy lower body exercises.

What is the time to see a doctor or surgeon?

Minor pain can be treated and cured by home remedies consulted by specialists. But what if minor pain turns into a major one and many symptoms are arriving in the body. That is the time to take advice from the best knee surgeon in East Mumbai at Expert Ortho Clinic.

Symptoms can be like,

  • Movement of the knee is painful
  • A feeling of numbness in the feet, toes, and lower legs
  • Bending and stretching the knees are difficult
  • Deformation in the knee bones
  • Body temperature is more than 101-degree F can be a cause of infection
  • Swelling around the lower portion, the legs
  • Redness around the knee area

Why see a doctor or surgeon?

The doctors or surgeons are the best advisor and give the best treatment to reduce pain around the knee joint. Whenever people are experiencing any symptoms mentioned above in their bodies regarding knee pain, they should book an appointment and see a doctor.

Pain will be reduced, and movement will be improved

Doctors are the specialists to perform a task to reduce the pain around the knee joints. Swelling, stiffness, injury, and pain limit the motion of the knees. When it happens, people face difficulty in accomplishing their daily tasks. An orthopaedist has the ability to relieve the pain by releasing the motion limitation.

A doctor can cure injuries by preventing them

Fracture, broken bones, dislocation of knee bones, tear of the tendon, and muscle injury can lead one person to experience severe pain in his knees. This time visiting a doctor is the best option that one can choose.

People can visit any doctor in the hospital as well as in the clinic. Expert Ortho Clinic, located in Chembur East, has the best doctors to treat knee injuries. The doctors are there to prevent the injuries and cure the pain.


Orthopedic surgeons are the ones who can repair injuries, broken bones, and muscles and give people relief from pain. Our doctors’ therapy to treat knee pain can cure the pain forever. For more details related to the doctors and surgeons, it is recommended to visit the website. People will get more information about our surgeries.