8 Conditions You Didn’t Know Were Linked With Oral Health

Your oral health is much more important than you realize. Like the skeletal system, all the parts of the body are somehow interconnected. What it means is that your dental health has a big impact on your overall health. Health and Wellness Articles like these provide good insight.

Several diseases are linked with dental hygiene. Focusing more specifically, unhealthy gums are a cause of many other health concerns. So, always look for quality and affordable dental in Nashville.

Endocarditis and Atherosclerosis

The inflammation in your gums can cause the bacteria to enter the bloodstream which then travels to arteries in the heart. This can lead to the problem of endocarditis and atherosclerosis. The prior infection happens in the inner lining of the valve or heart chamber.

While, on the other hand, atherosclerosis occurs when plaque excessively develops and thickens the inner walls of arteries. This leads to slower blood circulation, consequently leading to increase chances of heart attack or a stroke.

Pregnancy Complications

Although the connection is not understood completely, various studies have shown that dental concern can result in pregnancy or birth complications. To be specific, periodontitis has been observed to lead to premature birth or low birth weight. So, if you are suffering from a similar concern, do not skip any of your visits to orthodontists in Nashville, TN.


When the oral health is ignored, the chances of bacteria getting into different parts of the body increases. In some cases, it can enter into the lungs which can lead a person to suffer from pneumonia and other related diseases.

Respiratory Diseases

According to experts at Dillard Dental Services, when a patient inhales the bacteria from their mouth for too long, it can result into serious lung infections. Therefore, we recommend you to visit your dentist as soon as you feel there is something wrong. Even if you do not see anything visibly, schedule regular checkups to get an expert opinion.


Diabetes tends to reduce the body’s resistance to infection. Such patients are more prone to get severe gum diseases. Some of the best Nashville’s orthodontist tells that the people with high-sugar levels have a difficult time to work with dental issues, especially like periodontal.


People who have AIDS have to pass through severe pain if they don’t have good oral health. Problems like mucosal lesions are quite common in HIV patients. It can be a really painful experience. So make sure you visit the dentist to avoid oral health issues.


Many people do not know this, but worsening dental health can lead to dementia. The gingivitis bacteria tend to enter the brain either through the bloodstreams or nerve channels. It increases the chances of Alzheimer’s with age.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

People suffering from gum diseases often face tooth loss. This increases the chance of rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore, if you are suffering from any such issues, pay a visit to the best dentist in Nashville to get the treatment done.

Oral health is much more significant than we realize. Bad oral hygiene doesn’t only lead to dental diseases but also affects overall health. So, do not ignore it at any cost.

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