5-7 Best Cardio Workouts to Do at Home in Summer

Cardio is considered as the intense aerobic exercise through which you can burn lots of calories. Other than that cardio workout is considered the best exercise for patients, who have high blood pressure. If done on regular basis, cardiovascular exercise improves many risks associated with heart disease. For example, it lowers high blood pressure makes your heart muscles much stronger in a way, that they can deliver more blood to your muscles also the capillaries deliver more oxygen to the cells in your muscles.

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If you want to burn your stubborn fats, the more smart way to kill them is doing a cardio workout in the morning with an empty stomach. If you are having some stress or anxiety, there is no need to go for antidepressants, You can fight it by doing some cardiovascular exercises. So in today’s blog, I am going to describe in detail the cardio workout which you can enjoy at home in summers and stay fit and healthy.

Rope jumping 

Rope jumping is a full-body workout, which you can easily do at home. Remember your childhood memory when we used to jump a rope? So, you have to repeat that memory and do rope jumping. Most of the athletes perform rope jumping for warm-up or cross-training. All you need to get is the rope which you can easily get from the market. Rope jumping is the best cardio workout that you can do anywhere at home. 

If you are jumping a rope for 20 minutes you can burn around 220 calories. Everyone has different anatomy but it has been observed that on average 10 to 25 calories are burned every minute while jumping a rope. Also, it can burn up to 25 percent more calories than running. 


Burpees is one of my favorite cardiovascular workouts, and it makes your body a fat-burning machine. Have you ever noticed what do football team players, military forces and other athletes have in common? That is a workout and lots and lots of burpees!!!

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If you have a swimming pool in your house it will be a great fun activity for kids and adults. You and your family members can enjoy playing and relaxing around the pool. Indoor pools increase your health and happiness, adds aesthetic appeal to your home, and also increase your home property value too lol. Swimming is truly the best exercise considered for building a great physique. This cardiovascular activity burns a huge amount of fats deposits from your body. If you do butterfly or freestyle moves during swimming it can help you to burn 300 to 450 calories. 

It has been observed that swimming is a great cardio activity that helps to get your heart rate up and increases the amount of oxygen your body consumes. So why not start swimming today, and have some water fun with your family this summer. 

Running in place 

Running at one particular place can elevate your heart rate, burn your calories, improve your blood sugar level, enhance your lungs capacity, and also improve your blood circulation. Running or jogging in one place is also considered as one of the best cardio workouts which help in Maximum Healthy Weight Loss Per Week and shed some pounds too. 

The best part of this workout is that you can do it at any corner of your home, without the utility of any equipment. So jogging or running in a place along with healthy eating plans will be helpful for you in losing weight. 

Squat jump

Squat jump is a powerful cardio workout that strengthens your lower body and also increases your heart rate by burning some calories. Squat jump target your squad, hamstring, glute, and calves muscle. It also helps to tone up your back muscles and Abs. They also increase your explosive power, make your body more flexible. Squat jump is a convenient exercise which you can do at your home easily. Make sure the surface which you are choosing is soft and should be a flat landing surface. 

How you to do a squat jump 

This workout is a dynamic power move that should be done after some warm-up. 

  1. Stand in a way that your shoulders are widening apart and your knees are slightly bent over.
  2. Get into the full squat position by bending your knees.
  3. Throw your body in an upward position, engaging through the glute, squad, and hamstrings, extending through your legs. Your feet should be few inches off the floor.
  4. Control your landing by going through your feet and make your squat position again for making another powerful jump. 
  5. When you land on the floor immediately make another jump. 
  6. Make five reps for three to four sets. 


Push-ups are an amazing exercise, which targets most of your body muscles. Push-ups play an utmost role in the fitness test which we have to perform. Performing push-ups is the definite game changer for your fitness. It’s also considered the most effective workout which you can do at home. You can develop upper body strength through push-ups, as they work on the triceps, pectoral muscles, and also on shoulders. They also work on the core and your abdominal muscles as well. 

I hope all of the above-mentioned workouts will be beneficial for you in doing workouts at home, if you don’t want to go to the gym for some reason, or want to do a workout at home in summer.