4 Concepts for the Right Mindset

These days when you’re scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram, every one in 5 posts you find will be about or related to some form of fitness. Being fit and on top of your game has clichéd bringing to light its pros and cons.

On one hand, knowledge and information pertaining to all forms of fitness be it cardio, yoga, CrossFit or HIIT, are readily available on the internet and as such any novitiate can embark on this life-long journey of self-love and progression in a few clicks.

On the contrary, you could lose sight of your goals in the vortex of intimidating and overwhelming information. In said case, arm yourself with a few key concepts that will be your guiding light throughout.

Here are 4 concepts for the right mindset in fitness:

1. Filter-out the Social Media – As mentioned earlier, social media can flood you with tons of irrelevant and unrequired information. What works for someone may not work for you and what works for you can only be discovered by trial and error so try not to pay too much attention or get swayed away by people’s success stories. You can draw inspiration but know where to draw the line.

2. Experiment – This brings us to the next point. Some people tend to find what works for them from the go, but not all are that lucky. Many find their genre of fitness by experimenting and combining two or more schools of training to devise what works for them.

Don’t be afraid to test the waters.

3. Stay Hydrated – From digestion to unruffled bone mobility, from smooth cognitive function to even losing weight, drinking water is crucial for any and all functions carried out by our bodies. Drinking water helps you flush out the toxins in the brain and the body, keeps the skin healthy and helps out with numerous bodily operations both directly and indirectly.

4. Moderation – Too much of a good thing can spell disaster in many ways. It’s important to maintain a balance and moderation in no matter what you do.

You must make sure to eat your favorite food in moderation, get your recreational dose in and most importantly pace your workouts.

Many a time, going to the gym can be a testosterone measuring championship for many so to avoid that try online yoga classes with some light meditation and find your style.

In the world of fitness, there is no one size fits all method. Everybody is different and we owe it to ourselves to see what works best for us and choose wisely. Stay fit, stay safe!