Month: March 2020

Teeth Whitening

Painless Teeth Whitening Options To Try Out In 2020

Nothing can lighten up a smile better than pearly white teeth. While most people want whiter teeth, it is the cost, pain, and hassle that comes with it that turns off people from doing it. This is because teeth whitening treatments that are offered by dentists can be really expensive and painful, and the worst […]

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Foot & Ankle
Foot & Ankle

Know About Foot and ankle

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Cold, Flu & Cough

Coronavirus: Check for These Signs and Symptoms

COVID 19 or coronavirus disease is a global outbreak that has now spread to more than 78 countries from South Korea to Italy, Iran, Japan, the United States, and India. Causative agent Coronaviruses (CoV) belong to a large family of viruses that cause sickness varying from the common cold to more severe diseases which include […]

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