Employment of braces after Internal Fixation

Employment of Braces After Internal Fixation

Over the years, medical practitioners and orthopedic implants manufacturers have experimentally and clinically exhibited that movement at the fracture site occurs when a blocked fracture is treated by using the closed functional bracing technique. The entire foundation of functional bracing is based upon the bone foundation value of this motion. It is found that after […]

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Tibia Fractures

Shortening, Angulations, and Rotation in a Fracture

As the top orthopedic products manufacturers in India and orthopaedic implants suppliers, we have seen that there is considerable support to the fact that nonsurgical ambulatory treatment of tibial fractures using the traditional above-the-knee weight-bearing cast is associated with a low incidence of nonunion. This method was popularized in many countries, including the USA by […]

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Gynecologist Hospital in Varanasi

1. Apex Multispeciality Hospital Apex Multispeciality Hospital focuses on a multitude of medical disciplines and is committed to delivering enhanced services and aide to the people of Varanasi. With the largest Eco-friendly campus in India, along with internationally acclaimed doctors and first-grade facilities, this healthcare institution is definitely one of the best hospitals in Varanasi. […]

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Sprain of the Cervical Spine

A sprain is a condition that is caused due to a tear in the ligament tissue. A ligament is a kind of fibrous tissue that connects bones to other bones.

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Smoking Effects of Your Unborn Baby
Women Health

Do You Know Smoking Effects of Your Unborn Baby?

During pregnancy, smoking even partial smoking affects you and your unborn baby, during and after your baby is born. While smoking, you breathe carbon monoxide, nicotine and much more harmful chemical from cigarettes, which can lead directly to your baby through your blood pressure. Being a woman, you remember that smoking is not good for […]

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Elimination of Bone Plates

Let Us know Removal of Bone Plate

“Consult Your Orthopaedic Surgeon Before Removal of Bone Plate” It is important to remove the bone plate as quickly as recovery is complete; specifically, this applies to patients with ordinary bones. once the bone is completely healed, the plate has no further feature. Another purpose for plate elimination is the possibility of corrosion, either without delay or due to fretting among the plate and the underside of screw heads such an effect is much more likely […]

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Type of Cancer

Let Us Know Type of Cancer

Carcinoma is a cancer that starts in the skin or the tissues that line other organs. Sarcoma is a cancer of connective tissues such as bones, muscles, cartilage, and blood vessels. Leukemia is a cancer of bone marrow, which creates blood cells. Lymphoma and myeloma are cancers of the immune system.

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Femur Fracture
Femur Fracture

Plate Fixation of Oblique Long Bone Fractures

The bone fragment of an oblique fracture is inclined to slip over each other. The bone plate should be applied to function as a compression plate and buttress plate. If a plate is immobile to the fragment which forms an acute angle with the fracture. Then axial compression is generated because of which fragment is […]

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Oils for Rosacea

Know Best Essential Oils for Rosacea

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition. Skin disease is red in areas of cheeks, nose, chin,… Over a long time, the skin becomes redder and the blood vessels are visible. Having rosacea, you can keep from feeling confident at work or social situations. If you are looking for ways to manage and heal rosacea natural, […]

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